The Volvo S90 Makes a Positive Impression

Volvo is known for its commitment to quality, and this is certainly seen in the S90. This sedan is a popular offering at Volvo Cars Escondido for those looking for a sedan that has comfortable seating in both the front and back rows.

The Scandinavian design on the S90 shines. There are clean lines throughout and curves around the wheels that make the car look sturdy and fast. LED lights in the front can illuminate the roads and help the car be more easily seen. The daytime running lights are angled downwards towards the grille, adding to the overall style of the S90.

On top of all models of the car is a panoramic moonroof. Its extended size gives everyone a chance to bask in the sun and appreciate any scenery up above. It can come with an automatic sunshade that can close on its own when interior temperatures rise too high.



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