All passenger vehicles are equipped with air filters that play key roles in combustion. These simple amenities are supposed to remove impurities from the air that goes into the combustion chambers inside an engine block. Dirt, dust, leaves and other particles tend to accumulate on the surface area of the air filters.

A clogged air filter under the hood of a car might hinder the performance of the powertrain and other interconnected components. Gasoline and diesel engines are supposed to use clear air for optimum output at a wide range of tachometer readings. Heavy-duty pickup trucks are usually equipped with high-capacity filtration systems that protect V8 engines from damage. After all, such vehicles usually navigate rough terrains, such as mud, rocks, gravel, and sand.

Come to Volvo Cars Escondido to find a custom air filter for your vehicle's engine compartment. Serving Escondido, CA, we follow the latest manufacturer's recommendations for the replacement of this important auto part.

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