Many of our customers living in and around Escondido drivers wonder why they need to rotate their tires. Your tires are the barrier between your vehicle and the road and it's important to ensure their overall health not only to keep you safe but also to keep your vehicle running efficiently. When you take good care of your tires, you will notice the difference. Read on to learn when and how to know that it's time to rotate your tires.

Rotating Your Tires 101

The first thing you should do is grab your owner's manual from your glove box and double-check when your car manufacturer suggests rotating your tires. Each owner's manual comes with ample information outlining suggested service intervals and parts that you should use on your vehicle. However, if you can't locate your owner's manual, we suggest all of our San Marcos customers and beyond to rotate their tires every 6,000 miles or so.

If you're not driving your vehicle as much, however, we suggest that you don't base your vehicle off of the miles driven but rather the time since your last tire rotation. Every six months, you should bring your vehicle to Volvo Cars Escondido for one of our Volvo technicians to rotate your tires. You should also consider rotating your tires if there is visible wear or if the car doesn't drive smoothly over paved surfaces.

Schedule a Tire Rotation Today

When you're ready, we invite you to make the short drive to our Volvo dealership near Poway to set up an appointment to rotate your tires. If you have any other questions about rotating your tires, don't hesitate to read more about rotating your tires on our website. We look forward to getting your vehicle running as efficiently as possible wherever you drive in San Diego. Contact Volvo Cars Escondido for more information today!

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