Compare the Volvo Sedans

Discover How the Volvo S60 Matches Up Against the Volvo S90 in Escondido

Often, when buyers are considering a vehicle for purchase around San Marcos, they can narrow it down to two or three options available through the same automaker. Though the inherent characteristics are virtually the same, and the overall design may be similar, each model from an automaker is intrinsically different. When comparing just two models from the same automaker, like the Volvo S60 and S90, even the smallest differences make a large difference. Every attribute, aspect, and accent must be considered to make a final decision on which vehicle a San Diego buyer should purchase.


Volvo S60 Quick Specs

  • Up to 23 city MPG and 34 highway MPG
  • 2.0-liter turbo I-4 gas engine
  • Lighter weight
  • From $36,050
  • Fuel Capactiy 14.5 to 15.9 gal
  • 250 to 316 HP

Volvo S90 Quick Specs

  • Up to 21 city MPG and 32 highway MPG
  • 2.0-liter twin-charged I-4 gas motor
  • Larger amount of passenger seating space
  • From $50,550
  • Fuel Capacity 15.9 gal
  • 316 to 400 HP

Performance and Power Comparison

Despite being produced by the same automaker and sporting nearly similar names, the Volvo S60 and S90 utilize two different powertrain setups. While the Volvo S60 relies on a 2.0-liter turbo I-4 gas engine, the Volvo S90 incorporates a 2.0-liter twin-charged I-4 gas motor. Both pair an eight-speed transmission with their engines, but even the slight difference between the turbo and twin charge that these two models use affects their fuel efficiency. While the Volvo S60 can produce up to 23 city MPG and 34 highway MPG, the S90 weighs in at 21 city MPG and 32 highway MPG. These differences will mean the most to individuals who frequently commute long distances or rely on optimal fuel efficiency for a specific reason.

Contrasting Design

One of the biggest differences for these two Volvo sedan models lies deep within their innate design. While the Volvo S60 is classified as a mid-size luxury sedan, the Volvo S90 transcends into the full-size luxury sedan realm. Due to its lengthier size, the Volvo S90 undeniably boasts a larger amount of passenger seating area and extra legroom for back seat riders in Vista. As a direct result of its longer size and larger stance, the Volvo S90 is heavier and responds a bit more slowly when being pushed than its Volvo S60 sibling. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, as some consumers would be willing to make this trade-off, it is a concept that needs to be evaluated when deciding between these two exceptional sedan models.

Trim Level Options

While previous model years saw a difference in the trim levels options that were offered for each of these models, the most recent Volvo S60 and S90 boast the same model selections. In just 2019, the S60 only offered an Inscription and Momentum trim. However, the S90 added the sporty R-Design to its offerings. Yet, as of 2021, both models offer the Inscription, Momentum, and R-design trim levels. To take it a bit further, both the Volvo S60 and S90 are also currently available as hybrid models. Dependent on eAWD, the plug-in hybrid Volvo S60 and S90 are vehicles of the future around Poway. Offering a unique design, contemporary fuel provision, and luxury attributes, there is a lot to love about these two fuel-efficient sedans.

Comparing the Volvo S60 and S90 in Person at Volvo Cars Escondido

Discerning the differences between the Volvo S60 and S90 on paper can be difficult to interpret. Sitting behind the wheel of these models can bring their differences to light in a way that makes sense to buyers. So, stop by Volvo Cars Escondido to take each of these models on a test drive around Escondido. Experience their handling, interior attributes, and innate differences by comparing these two models in person. Every buyer deserves the ability to make an informed decision about their new vehicle purchase, and this is the best way we know how to accomplish that goal. We look forward to working with you soon!