Take advantage of new lease and finance specials and save on a new or used Volvo.  We have specials that run frequently on certain models, and these specials change often.  Look for special announcements on our finance page, and take a look anytime at our lease and finance specials section online as you do your research while choosing a new vehicle.  Often, specials can expand the possibilities of what you might be able to afford because they can save you a lot of money either upfront or in the long run.





New Lease Specials Near San Diego

If you are well-qualified, a lease is a great alternative to financing, and the monthly payments are often lower than what you would pay to finance.  You can often save even more when you take advantage of any current lease specials that are going on.  Lease specials change frequently and cover different models and leasing terms.  If you are interested in a specific model, it's a good idea to check our specials frequently to see if that particular Volvo has a good deal going on it.  Leasing typically comes with security deposit requirements and mileage limits, but our finance experts will work with you to negotiate a lease term that fits into your finances and lifestyle.  Leasing can also be a great option because of the flexibility in terms and the savings you can get when you take advantage of specials.

Limited Time Finance APR Specials Near Vista

If financing the purchase of a new Volvo fits better into your finances and driving habits, getting a great rate is the best way to lower your monthly payment and reduce the overall cost of financing your vehicle.  Finance APRs are the percentages charged to finance your loan, and the lower that rate is, the less it costs to finance.  We often have Finance APR specials where you can take advantage of low rates on certain models for a limited time.  If you are looking to buy a new Volvo, be sure to check out our finance specials as they also change frequently, like the leasing specials.

Ask Our Finance Experts

Our Finance Center can help with all your financing and leasing needs.  Our finance experts can guide you through the ins and outs of financing or leasing a new Volvo.  Many of our San Diego customers have questions about the process or which options are best for them.  There is no clear-cut answer as far as which is better because it depends on your individual finances, driving habits, lifestyle, and personal tastes.  To make the process easier, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions that come to our dealership to help you with your new Volvo research.

Is it better to lease or buy a Volvo?

When it comes to figuring out which is better, it's a good idea to do a side-by-side comparison of your finances and what kind of rates you will be able to get on financing or leasing.  When making a decision, you should think about your finances, lifestyle, and driving habits.  These are all considerations when deciding which is the best option for you.  Our finance experts can help run the numbers for you when you decide which vehicle you want.

Does Volvo ever offer 0% Financing?

Yes, Volvo sometimes has 0% financing for well-qualified buyers and other incentives like cash allowances.

How much is it to lease a new Volvo?

That depends on the model, lease terms, and any incentives or specials we have going on.  Depending on your lifestyle and driving habits, leasing usually comes with a lower monthly payment than financing.

Is it worth buying out a new Volvo lease?

Buying out your new Volvo lease can offer you a lot of value. Volvo cars retain their value well, so if you love your lease and want to keep it for a few more years, buying it out at the end of your leasing term could save you a lot of money.  Check with our finance terms for specific terms on your leased Volvo.

Find Your New Volvo at Volvo Cars Escondido

Whether you choose to lease or finance a new Volvo, you will get all the benefits of the luxury Volvo ownership experience.  Our finance experts are always happy to answer any questions you might have about leasing or financing a new Volvo near Poway.

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