Volvo Saved My Life Club

"These volvos gave their lives to save these people"

Before any Volvo is created, hundreds of engineers in Sweden spend untold hours of testing to help make each new model safer than previous models.  I think they work on safety projects with the idea that maybe one day, someone they know will be fine after an accident.

James B.

"Driving to the office, 7am and snow covered roads. My AWD S60 never looked back with perfect traction in the worst conditions. Headed slightly downhill about 35 mph, on a long straight 4 lane road with a middle turning lane , so 5 lanes total. 2 lanes in each direction. ...A 1998 Suburban pulls out from a stop sign almost directly in front of me, instantly knew it was too close and the Suburban was blocking both of my lanes trying to turn left into the center lane. Slamming hard on the brakes the, I had no chance in 3-4 inches of fresh snow on the roads and began an all-out slide. I watched the Suburban's driver-side wheel as I made frontal impact with it. I was prepared to wake up in a hospital bed, when to my surprise I was met not with metal from the impeding vehicle, but pillows from my Volvo's airbags. It was one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced. Pillows! I was able to jump out of the car and help other drivers. Other than a seatbelt rash I walked away unscathed."


  Dave S.

"A ford explorer jumped over the curb in snow and hit the front of my S60 R-Design. The entire front end was destroyed but I was able to open the door to exit the car. I have no doubt that I would still be in the hospital with any other car."

 Nedzad M.

"I was driving home from a job site on I44E. I looked at my rear view mirror and saw a black Honda getting hit by a semi truck pushing it to the side and ...the semi truck was going right at me. The semi rear ended me and pushed me about a quarter mile in front of him,i was slammed and pushed around eventually it dragged me down in to a ditch. I was sure i wasn't going to survive. I was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries and released the next day with no broken bones only bruises a lot of muscle pains. Thank you Volvo for saving my life!"

James G.

"We were driving from our home in Green Valley to Tucson on a two lane road on a clear and sunny morning and noticed a car coming southbound, off the road... on our right side. This car suddenly attempted to return to the road and hit us head on. The initial impact forced our car off the road into the pecan groves where we hit a substantial tree, head on. While a little dazed, my wife and I were able to exit the car and wait for the paramedics to arrive. My wife sustained a cracked rib, numerous bruises and abrasions while I had some minor cuts, a broken tail bone and some bruising. We feel the car gave it's life for us! This was the 6th Volvo that we have owned and just replaced our C70 with a new XC60 and our totaled XC90 with another XC90. So we have now owned 8 Volvos."

Lawrence P.

"So, I went on a bus trip with a high school team during October. We left after the tournament on Saturday evening and travelled in about 5 in the morning. I am not a very good sleeper on a bus/plane etc but tried. I had to make another 8 hour trip the next day with my brother in law and thought I would be okay. He was ready to go so off we went about 6AM. First 5 hours were fine, then we went through a mountain pass and he was dozing off...and I began to feel a little tired. Well, guess I fell asleep, and we did not make a turn so the car went off the road, down a 25ft hill, flipped over and came to rest upside down. I awoke with somebody at the door trying to get me out as I was hanging from my was my brother in law. I managed to slither out the door and the ambulance came and took me and my brother in law to a hospital about 30 miles away. Unfortunately, my brother in law had some broken vertebrae in the neck and spent 3 months in the hospital. I was lucky and had only 38 stitches to help put my ear and ear lobe, in place. The police came to the hospital and were amazed at how I was doing. They told me I was very lucky to be in a Volvo as most cars would have crumpled. He said he and his wife were thinking about a Volvo...and now they were definitely going to get one!"

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